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Triggers are specially crafted, application-specific URLs generated by ContextHub that let you trigger your own custom events from any web browser, JavaScript script, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other IoT device.


Creating a trigger is simple. In the developer portal, select an app, then click on Triggers to see all the triggers for your app. To create a new trigger, click the Add Trigger button and type in a name of the trigger. A generated trigger looks like this:

So the full URL for a trigger linked to your app that would post the arduino_event would be:

Posting events

To use a trigger, you need to generate an HTTP POST request with the appropriate token and event name, along with posting the JSON body that represents the data for your event. The web request should have the Content-Type header set to application/json so the body is parsed correctly. A web tool like is a great way to test that your triggers are working correctly and you are passing the correct data to a context rule.